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Fig. 2

From: Over-expression of Slc30a8/ZnT8 selectively in the mouse α cell impairs glucagon release and responses to hypoglycemia

Fig. 2

Glucose and insulin tolerance in αZnT8Tg mice. Intraperitoneal glucose tolerance tests were performed on control and transgenic male (a) and female (b) mice at 8 weeks of age. n = 8–10 mice/genotype. Animals were fasted for 16 h before injection of 1 g/kg glucose. Blood glucose was sampled after venisection of the tail vein at the indicated times, and quantified using an automated glucometer (AccuCheck, Roche). c, d Insulin sensitivity. Intraperitoneal insulin tolerance tests performed on 12 week old male (c) and female (d) mice fasted for 5 h and injected with 0.5U/kg insulin. n = 9–10 mice per genotype. Blood sampling was performed as in (a, b)

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