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Fig. 1

From: Metabolic response of glioblastoma cells associated with glucose withdrawal and pyruvate substitution as revealed by GC-MS

Fig. 1

D-Lactate, L-lactate and MGO production at different concentrations of glucose and in medium containing pyruvate. U87 cells were cultivated in the presence of 5.5 mM, 11 mM, 25 mM glucose or 5 mM pyruvate in the absence of glucose. After 24 h intracellular MGO (a) as well as extracellular D-lactate (b) and L-lactate (c) were determined. All experiments have been conducted in 6-tuplicate and statistical significance was determined by Student’s t-test with: *: p < 0.05; **: p < 0.005; ***: p < 0.0005; ns: not significant

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