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Fig. 4

From: Curcumin and piperine supplementation of obese mice under caloric restriction modulates body fat and interleukin-1β

Fig. 4

Effect of CR and bioactive components of spice on plasma inflammatory cytokines. Plasma interferon (IFN)-γ, interleukin (IL)-10, IL-12 p70, IL-1β, IL-6 and keratinocyte chemoattractant / human growth-regulated oncogene chemokines (KC/GRO) were measured by multiplex kit by meso scale discovery (MSD). Detailed analytical conditions are described in the materials and methods section. Each box plot shows the maximum (top of the vertical line), 75th percentile (top of the box), median (middle line in the box), 25th percentile (bottom of the box), and minimum (bottom of vertical line) values of data (n = 5). *P < 0.05 represents significant differences between Group 1 high-fat diet (HFD) and Group 5 (HFD + caloric restriction (CR) + curcumin (Cur) + piperine (Pip)) by Dunn’s multiple comparisons test

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