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Table 2 Top five Gene Ontology term categories for diet, strain, and strain X diet contexts, ranked by Benjamini-corrected p-values

From: Dietary iron interacts with genetic background to influence glucose homeostasis

Context GO Term Benjamini p-value Fold Enrichment
Diet Extracellular Space (GO:0005615) 7.4E-05 1.94
Extracellular Region (GO:0005576) 1.1E-04 1.96
External Side Of Plasma Membrane (GO:0009897) 4.1E-04 3.05
Extracellular Exosome (GO:0070062) 4.5E-04 1.37
Cell Surface (GO:0009986) 5.1E-03 1.96
Strain Mitochondrion (GO:0005739) 7.5E-12 1.15
Mitochondrial Inner Membrane (GO:0005743) 1.1E-04 1.21
Respiratory Chain (GO:0070469) 1.3E-02 1.43
Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Complex I (GO:0005747) 1.3E-01 1.42
Nuclear Pore (GO:0005643) 1.9E-01 1.34
Strain X Diet Endoplasmic Reticulum (GO:0005783) 8.9E-01 1.59
Neuron Projection Terminus (GO:0044306) 9.2E-01 25.23
Perinuclear Region Of Cytoplasm (GO:0048471) 9.2E-01 1.92
Plasma Membrane (GO:0005886) 9.4E-01 1.42
Membrane (GO:0016020) 9.6E-01 1.22