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Table 6 Pearson product-moment correlations between appetite hormones and appetite sensation

From: The effects of exercise and ambient temperature on dietary intake, appetite sensation, and appetite regulating hormone concentrations

  PYY (pg/mL) GLP-1 (pg/mL) Leptin(pg/mL) Acylated Ghrelin(pg/mL)
Hunger −0.24a(455) −0.28a(455) −0.05(455) 0.07(447)
Fullness 0.24a(455) 0.22a(455) −0.30a(455) −0.13a(447)
Satisfaction 0.26a(455) 0.23a(455) −0.25a(455) −0.15a(447)
Prospective Eating −0.22a(455) −0.23a(455) 0.16a(455) 0.08(447) p = 0.077
  1. Pearson’s r (n)
  2. asignifies significant correlation p < 0.05