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Table 1 Nutrient composition of beetroot and its byproducts (per 100 g or L)

From: Functional properties of beetroot (Beta vulgaris) in management of cardio-metabolic diseases

 RawCooked, boiledCannedFresh juice
Water, g87.5887.0690.96
Energy, kcal43443130
Protein, g1.611.680.911.02
Total fats, g0.170.180.140
Carbohydrate, g9.569.967.216.6
Fiber, g2.821.80
Sugars, g6.767.965.516.6
Calcium, mg1616150
Iron, mg0.80.791.820
Magnesium, mg232317
Phosphorus, mg403817
Potassium, mg325305148
Sodium, mg787719493
Zinc, mg0.350.350.21
Vitamin C, mg4.93.64.10
Thiamin, mg0.0310.0270.01
Riboflavin, mg0.040.040.04
Niacin, mg0.3340.3310.157
Folate, μg1098030
Total phenolic contenta255238192225
Total flavonoid contentb260261173126
  1. a As mg gallic acid equivalent (GAE)/ 100 g; b as mg rutin equivalent (RE)/100 g sample