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Table 3 Lipid-related hormone levels in serum

From: Excessive BCAA regulates fat metabolism partially through the modification of m6A RNA methylation in weanling piglets

Insulin5.03 ± 0.285.13 ± 0.556.07 ± 0.600.31
Leptin1.02 ± 0.09a0.44 ± 0.05b0.32 ± 0.02b< 0.01
Adiponectin15.70 ± 1.23a16.26 ± 3.67a6.63 ± 0.23b0.02
  1. Serum hormone parameters. Diet treatments: L-BCAA Low dose BCAA diet, N-BCAA Normal dose BCAA diet, H-BCAA High dose BCAA diet. Values are means of four pens of four pigs per diet. a-b Mean values within a line with different superscript letters were significantly different (p < 0.05)