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Table 1 Provided mean dietary contents of the wellness diet group (per day)

From: Effect of toxic trace element detoxification, body fat reduction following four-week intake of the Wellnessup diet: a three-arm, randomized clinical trial

DietsWD (Wellness-up diet)CRD(Calorie-restricted diet)
Nutri shake (6 kinds of whole food in a powder)Mixed fruit and vegetable juiceSalad (organic ingredients)Fruit and nut-based food bars Shake (commercial yogurt powder)Fruit and vegetable juice (commercial)Salad (common ingredients)Fruit and nut-based food bars 
Weight (g)5845040060 5045040060 
Energy (kcal)274.8246.2509.4194.31225245.0266.0509.4194.31215
CHO (g)49.570.23513.9168.6 (55%)46.060.53513.9155.4 (51%)
Protein (g)6.44.622.75.739.4 (12%)7.02.722.75.738.1 (13%)
Fat (g)3.20.63112.947.7 (33%)3.61.03112.948.5 (36%)
Fiber (g)3137.13.726.
  1. Abbreviations: WD Wellnessup diet, CRD calorie-restricted diet