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Table 2 Drugs to mediate ABC transporters

From: The impact of ATP-binding cassette transporters on metabolic diseases

Drug Target Effect Mechanism Source Reference
Statins ABCA1 Reduce ↓PI3-K/Akt/FOXO1
& ↓TLR4/ NF-κB
Synthetic Chen WM
et al., 2016 [12]
Triptolide ABCA1 Induce ↑LPS/TLR4/GPS2 Natural Chen J
et al., 2014 [41]
Cilostazol ABCA1 Induce ↑LXR/ABCA1/SREBP-1 Synthetic Jeon BH
et al., 2015 [94]
H2S ABCA1 Induce ↑PI3-K/Akt/ PPARα Synthetic Li D
et al., 2016 [95]
Paeonol ABCA1 Induce ↓Calpain-related pathway Natural Li X
et al., 2015 [96]
Dgn ABCA1 Induce ↓miR-19b expression Natural Lv YC
et al., 2015 [67]
Hydrogen ABCA1 Induce   Synthetic Song G
et al., 2015 [97]
Metformin ABCG5& ABCG8 Induce ↑Ldlr ↑AMPK ↓ACLY Synthetic Molusky MM
et al., 2018 [98]
CoQ10 ABCG1 Induce ↑Activator protein-1/miR-378/ABCG1 Natural Wang D
et al., 2014 [99]
Progesterone ABCA2 Induce ↑mRNA expression Synthetic& Natural Davis W
et al., 2018 [47]
  1. Abbreviations: ABC adenosine triphosphate-binding cassette; PI3-K phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase; Akt protein kinase B; FOXO1 forkhead box protein O1; TLR4 Toll-like receptor 4; LPS lipopolysaccharides; GPS2 G protein pathway suppressor 2; LXR liver X receptor; SREBP-1 sterol regulatory element binding protein 1; miR microRNA; H2S hydrogen sulfide; PPARα peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α; Dgn Diosgenin; Ldlr low density lipoprotein receptor; AMPK AMP-activated protein kinase; ACLY ATP citrate lyase; CoQ10 Coenzyme Q10