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Table 4 Partial correlation coefficients between dietary antioxidant index (DIA) and serum levels of antioxidant factors (n = 177)

From: Validation of Dietary Antioxidant Index (DAI) and investigating the relationship between DAI and the odds of gastric cancer

Model 1 Correlation coefficient p valuea Model 2 Correlation coefficient p valueb
TAC (mmol/l) 0.25 0.04 TAC 0.41 < 0.01
MDA (μmol/l) 0.10 0.41 MDA 0.09 0.47
  1. TAC total antioxidant capacity, mmol/l millimoles per liter, MDA malondialdehyde, BMI Body Mass Index, μmol/l micromole per liter, μmol/l micromoles per liter
  2. aControlling for age, BMI, energy intake, and smoking
  3. bAdditionally controlling for fasting blood sugar, education, total fat intake, H. pylori infection, total cholesterol, and saturated fatty acid intakes