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Call-for-Papers: special issue on Precision Nutrition

Nutrition and Metabolism invites submissions to the special issue “Precision Nutrition”.

Rates of diet-related chronic disease are increasing globally, driving the need to both understand the dose-response relationships among nutrients and chronic disease, and to establish scientifically-grounded guidance for optimal dietary intakes. Increasingly, findings from basic nutritional science are leading to a more detailed picture of the nutritional landscape and its impact on individual health and wellbeing. In this era of precision medicine, the pursuit of personalized nutrition for prevention and treatment of disease and maintenance of optimal health is critical.  Designing nutritional interventions tailored to the individual represents an especially promising strategy to address increasing incidences of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Designing tailored interventions presume a well-characterized phenotype of a given individual together with his/her environment to allow for an adequate understanding of the individual metabolic response to specific nutritional interventions.

This special issue is dedicated to improving our knowledge in precision nutrition and involves the following topics:

  • The link between metabolism and chronic diseases
  • Strategies to define responders and non-responders to nutritional interventions
  • Associations between nutrient intake and health/disease state
  • Biomarkers for metabolic disease
  • Conditionally essential nutrients in health and disease
  • Links between nutrient intake and the microbiome

We invite submissions related to one of these topics as original research article or review. During submission could authors please select from the drop-down list in the system to indicate that they are submitting to the special issue Precision Nutrition? The manuscripts will undergo the standard peer-review process overseen by the Guest Editors. Submission deadline is 30 June 2020

Guest Editors:

Dr Martha Field, University of Cornell, USA

Professor Karsten Hiller, University of Braunschweig, Germany

Dr Anna Thalacker-Mercer, University of Cornell, USA